Published on Aug 4, 2010

Song: "This Dance"
by Michael Winkle

Test shots of Kodak's new Vision3 200T (7213) Super 8mm Color Negative Film.

Filmed on a very warm July evening in NYC's Times Square and vicinity.

Camera used was a Canon 514XL, using full auto exposure.

Absolutely no degraining was performed on this sample.

Congratulation's to Kodak for making this stock available to the Super 8 enthusiast. I've used plenty of their Vision2 200T series, a fine stock in it's own right, but this raises the bar even further...finer grain and greater latitude. I'm not one to usually repeat the advertised product line, but in this case it's absolutely true!




Song: "This Dance"
by Michael Winkle

Processed by Cinelab
DIY Telecine

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